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Welcome to Growing in Public! I’m Josh Dzielak. I’m a startup founder, CTO, new dad, old son. I have several half-empty coffee cups on my desk, now and forever ☕️ I also have questions.

How do we build stable lives and systems when growth, change, and scale happen unexpectedly fast?

My 7-month old daughter is growing fast. My company is growing fast. Those are good, easy-to-celebrate things. There are other types of growth, too. My parents are aging. I’m getting older. My comfort zone is bigger than it used to be, but I’m also finding myself outside of it more often. A lot is new right now. Excitifying!

This newsletter is a place to publicly reflect on the various types of growth, both personal and professional. To explore the paradox of pursuing growth and stability simultaneously.

Here’s a few topics I hope to cover in the first editions:

  • What does it mean to grow in public? What triumphs, lessons, and emotional journeys are worth sharing?

  • How can fast-growing companies do so sustainably? What do hiring, onboarding, leadership, culture, and organizational design look like in year 1? Years 2-10?

  • How can communities help us grow? What can we learn from other people facing the same challenges?

I’ll also be interested to hear your experiences:

  • What are some funny or painful things that happened to you, or your company, as you tried to grow? As you tried to launch a new product or launch a new career?

  • What helps you grow? What hinders it? What blocks you even when you’re dedicated to making a change?

Those are some serious questions, but I can’t promise we’ll answer all of them in a serious way. “Serious work, not serious people” as my cofounder Patrick says. A lot of times there is no answer. You can stare at this GIF at long as you want, but the white monkey keeps asking why.

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